Rohan Gunatillake leaning on a table in front of a chalkboard

Rohan Gunatillake

Modern Mindfulness: A Conversation with Author Rohan Gunatillake and Oncologist Dr. Lanie Francis

CMOA Theater

Free, registration recommended as space is limited

Book signing after the event!

Explore the concept of mindfulness and how this niche spiritual practice grew into a global well-being trend. Join mindfulness author and expert Rohan Gunatillake and UPMC oncologist Dr. Lanie Francis for discussions around the role of this practice in both mental and physical health.

Rohan Gunatillake is one of the world's leading makers of meditation apps and the author of Modern Mindfulness (January 2017). He will share the two key themes of his work: the importance of learning how to meditate (no matter where you are), and the relationship between well-being and technology. Most importantly he will discuss Kara, a free-to-use mobile site designed to support people affected by cancer. Kara was created in partnership with UPMC Cancer Center Wellness and Integrative Oncology Program, headed by Dr. Lanie Francis. Dr. Francis will share her extensive experience in providing services related to movement, touch, nutrition, and mindfulness to complement conventional cancer care.

Amidst the anxiety-causing distractions of technology in our lives, they ask, can we use technology to support our mental health?