An industrious hand holding a hammer.

Maker Mixer: Nicholas Volpe


Join designer Nicholas Volpe of Temper and Grit and Locally Sourced curator Alyssa Velazquez as they talk about design trends, from the beginning of the maker movement to the rise of the designer in Pittsburgh's postindustrial economy. They will talk about what it means to go beyond reuse and upcycling to responsible and transparent manufacturing, placing Nick's work in the context of Pittsburgh's maker renaissance.

Wigle Whiskey is offering attendees a kit including ingredients for a cocktail inspired by the maker and the evening's discussion that can easily be made at home during or after the event. Please note that the cocktail kit is sold separately from Maker Mixer registration. If you would like to make the cocktail during the event, you must register for the event and purchase the cocktail kit for pick-up from Wigle Whiskey in advance. All registrants will receive the cocktail recipe.

Event tickets can be purchased without the cocktail kit.

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