Four wooden vases stand in a cluster; they are each a different shade and shape

Hanna Dausch, Four vases, 2020

Maker Mixer: Hanna Dausch


Price: Pay What You Wish

Join Hanna Dausch and Locally Sourced curator Alyssa Velazquez as they discuss Dausch’s process of “figuring it out as you go.” Gain insight into this woodworker’s philosophy and how she believes there is no right or wrong way to make a work. Learn more about how Dausch got to be “what they teach you not to be in school,” including her continued exploration of different techniques and methods as the best means of learning.

In addition to conversation, a local distillery and/or bar will provide attendees with a cocktail inspired by the maker and the evening’s discussion.

Zoom links will be emailed upon registration.

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