Close-up of a bright eye with geometric lines and patterns on it.

Lecture: The Art of Sight with Dr. José-Alain Sahel

CMOA Theater

Free with registration

Hear Dr. José-Alain Sahel, Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology and Director of the UPMC Eye Center (external link), present the latest advancements in vision regeneration and his study of how our eyes help us appreciate art at this free lecture.

Dr. Sahel will describe how the painting styles of famous artists altered over time due to changes in their eyesight, the result of a collaboration with the Musée d'Orsay and the Louvre in Paris. Finally, learn how both museums approach accessibility for visitors who are blind or low-sighted.

American Sign Language interpretation will be provided.

Visit Access+Ability in the Heinz Galleries before the lecture to experience some of the newest technologies and products developed with and by people who span a wide range of physical, cognitive, and sensory abilities.

Teachers: You can earn Act 48 (external link) activity hours for participating in this program. Email the Teacher Programs Coordinator at to request an application.

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About Dr. Sahel

Known worldwide for his expertise in vision restoration techniques, Dr. Sahel has developed interventions including stem cell implantation, gene therapy, and the artificial retina to address a host of currently untreatable vision impairments.

Over the past decade, he has led pioneering efforts in optogenetic vision restoration. This therapeutic technique has the potential to help patients who are blind or visually impaired as a result of a genetic defect.