Close-up of a woman's face as she draws on paper.

People draw during an artist-led workshop. Photo: Bryan Conley

Creative Practice: Kim Beck Drawing Workshop

Forum Gallery

$10 (Students: $5; Members: free)

Practice the art of close observation in this interactive drawing workshop led by Kim Beck, Associate Professor of Art at Carnegie Mellon University. Hone your skills and reflect on Margaret Honda’s enigmatic frog sculpture in the Forum Gallery through drawing activities that bring the artwork to life. Drawing materials are provided and scholarships are available.

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About Kim Beck:

Kim Beck’s work surveys the frayed edges of the inhabited landscape, bringing the ordinary and overlooked into focus. She is an interdisciplinary artist whose work moves between drawing, print media and installation, exploring the poetry of the landscape, asphalt, potholes, weeds, lawns, skies and billboards. Her curiosity extends to intimate roadside landscapes, cracked roadways and dense thickets of invasive weeds. These are meditations on the structures and surfaces that reflect the ways that humans affect and are changed by the land. Through her work, what was once a banal eyesore is elevated to something worthy of notice.