A dark background covered in bright neon lines that cross and connect, forming a glowing web.

Intimate Subjects Artist Workshop: Char Stiles

Heinz Galleries

$10 (Members: $8, Students: $5)

On September 19, Third Thursday: Intimate Subjects brings together over a dozen artists to perform and play in the museum. Join a selection of these artists for special workshops as we prepare for the big event. Participants will receive free admission to Third Thursday by picking up a complimentary pass at the workshop.

Join artist Char Stiles for "Sending an Email by Hand," a discussion-based workshop focused on digital communication—from the communities fostered online to the lack of transparency in how digital platforms operate. Consider the email, a popular method of digital communication, as a catalyst to talk about privacy and online communication.

Email has escalated in popularity since its debut in the 1970s. For many, it is the only method of communication over distance that doesn't necessarily rely on government or a big tech company. In this workshop, learn how to send an email "by hand" through a method that removes corporations from the equation. This event is intended for anyone who is interested in approaching digital communication with more intention.

Please bring a computer; there will also be a few computers to share, if needed.

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