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Inside Out — Afroheat!

On Thursday, September 2, enjoy happy hour in the museum's outdoor sculpture courtyard with Afrobeat music from the past, present, & future courtesy of Afroheat!

Bring your appetite, too! Regional food trucks and a bar created by Café Carnegie offering custom snacks, kid-friendly treats, local beers, delicious wines, and more will be on-site.

While you’re at Inside Out, participate in art-making activities for all ages.

Inside Out events are FREE, open to all ages, have limited capacity, and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Make a day of it and reserve your timed tickets to visit the museum before or after you enjoy Inside Out!


Interview with Inside Out co-prodcuer Lauren Goshinski

Hi Tim! I want to begin this edition of Liner Notes with a dedication to your longtime creative partner and friend DJ Vex Brown. Vex was such a generous and influential artist to Pittsburgh and beyond, and his loss this year was heartbreaking for so many. We want to celebrate his presence in what you continue to do. Is there anything you would like to say about him and your creative relationship?

TG: Emotions are still pretty raw in regards to Vex’s passing. I wish he was still here for a multitude of reasons. Vex was a very inspiring partner and all of the creative endeavors we collaborated on I will cherish forever. His beats made me want to write and rhyme, His DJ sets and mixing skills made me want to step my game up and his design skills were always top-notch. The fact that he made working together so easy I am also very grateful for. I miss all those late nights hanging out after gigs.

LG: For folks who don’t know, when did you start Afroheat! and what was the impetus behind creating a party that focused specifically on Afrobeat music from the past, present, and future? How are these sonic cultures carving a place in the Pittsburgh landscape?

TG: AFROHEAT! Started in April of 2014. Vex (Reese Brown) had reached out to me asking to partner on this party because he knew I loved playing Afrobeat music in my sets. At that point, we had DJed with and around each other for almost a decade. I think we wanted this music to get the space and respect it deserves. Dj’s can get too comfortable playing what they know and this let us continue to dig for “new to us” sounds.

LG: Tim, you have been such an instrumental figure for Pittsburgh’s music and nightlife/hospitality small business landscape: co-owner of the Shadow Lounge and Co-Founder of AVA Lounge (RIP 2013), and in addition to your DJ career you are one of the owners of Casa Brasil in Highland Park. It may be obvious, but why are these spaces so needed in Pittsburgh?

TG: Often in Pittsburgh nightlife spaces you are just not respected in the most general sense and ownership is more concerned with money than art. Shadow & AVA was a space where the art came first and naturally became a place you could practice and develop your art amongst a very diverse patronage. Places strive to be truly diverse but we were that inherently. Casa Brasil has taken a similar path. Black ownership matters because you respect your people and therefore yourself. That shows up in how you treat everyone who comes through the door and that in turn creates a level of comfort that manifests itself by people wanting to do events in that space because they “FEEL” (and are) welcome.

LG: Drop some knowledge. What are the sources of your music inspiration?

TG: My adoptive family surrounded me with music from an early age and I have recently found my biological family who also has a rich musical legacy. Music is just in me and I can never get enough of it. Inspiration is everywhere for me. In simple things like a sunny day.

LG: TRACK ID. Name a track you’re rinsing right now, that we might hear at CMOA.

TG: Sun-El Musician x Mthunzi - “Insimbi”

LG: Describe an Afroheat! night or your sound in 5 words or less :)

TG: Dance, Sweat, Repeat.

About the Artists:

Afroheat! is a dance party celebration of Afrobeat music from the past, present, & future.

About Inside Out:

Inside Out is Carnegie Museum of Art’s new outdoor summer event series celebrating and supporting Pittsburgh’s rich cultural landscape. Running from June 5 through September 4 on Thursdays from 4-8 p.m. and Saturdays from 12-5 p.m., the museum is partnering with over 28 regional artists and small arts organizations to transform the museum’s outdoor Sculpture Courtyard into the season’s go-to destination with a robust schedule of pop-up performances, DJs, art-making activities, local food trucks and beverages, kid-friendly treats, and more. See the full schedule of events here.

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