INSIDE OUT – Jellyfish/MESH: Formosa, Ricky Molson, Calin, Sis Girl + Planningtorock

Sculpture Court

Join us on Thursday, June 23 from 5 to 9 p.m. in the Sculpture Court for Jellyfish and MESH, with headliner Planningtorock. This evening will feature DJ sets by Ricky Moslen, Stephanie Tsong, Calin Jones, Dov Fischer, and a live performance by Planningtorock.

El Rincon Oaxaqueño food truck will be on-site at the museum serving authentic Mexican food from the state of Oaxaca.

Trace Brewing, the official brewery partner of Inside Out, will have beer for sale. A selection of non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.

Inside Out events are FREE and most events are open to audiences of all ages. Make a day of it and reserve your timed tickets to visit the museum before or after you enjoy Inside Out!

Liner Notes with Lauren Goshinski

Lauren Goshinki: Hi MESH & jellyfish gang! We are excited to have you join forces for this edition of Inside Out. You both have run queer-centered parties in Pittsburgh since before COVID and have many synergies in the artists and scenes you try to support. Can you tell us more about how you overlap and what collaboration in this community means to you?
Ricky Moslen: We live in an exceptional city with tons of great people + great artists/DJs, so the more opportunities to collaborate, the better!
Stephanie Tsong: To me, it seems that Jellyfish and Mesh both have a mission to showcase queer intersectionality in music, and this collaboration absolutely represents that.
Calin Jones: Collaboration was critical coming out of the pandemic and facing restrictions. Working with other queer artists in Pittsburgh was key to reviving our community, so naturally, MESH worked with Jellyfish and Honcho to throw Maybeland 1 and 2, a series of 12-hour parties that united all of queer Pittsburgh. It was truly beautiful. Collaboration ensures everyone has a platform to be heard, something everyone deserves.

Lauren Goshinki: You're joining Planningtorock on this event - what musical connections or inspirations do you take from their work?
Ricky Moslen: Their music regularly pops up at Jellyfish parties, so we're certainly excited to share the booth with them for a night.
Stephanie Tsong: We're super hyped to share the stage with someone whose unique pop sensibilities have inspired us in many ways! Their music has always felt dancy, fun, queer, and at times, emotionally poignant in its message - something I've always strived for at our parties.

Lauren Goshinki: Tell us a bit more about the sounds each of you are exploring as DJs these days and what we might hear at Inside Out?
Ricky Moslen: I've traveled a bit already this summer (for both work and play) and I kind of religiously seek out new sounds at record stores, parties, and even on the street (thanks, Shazam!) if and when I'm far from home. I'm psyched to bring a bunch of new recently-discovered tunes to the party.
Stephanie Tsong: I've been lucky enough to witness some incredible musical acts this year, ranging from DJ/live sets in New York and Detroit to classical performances in theaters. All of it goes right back into inspiration for my own sets!
Calin Jones: My sound is forever evolving, so it's hard to pinpoint a genre that I stick to, but I will forever love a funky edit and a chuggy beat.

Lauren Goshinki: Are there any shoutouts you'd like to make?
Ricky Moslen: Everyone at Carnegie Museum of Art, and you, Lauren and huny, for organizing these summer parties. Thanks again for having us!!
Stephanie Tsong: Thanks Carnegie Museum of Art, Lauren, huny, and everyone else involved with putting this together! I'm excited for a fantastic summer of events!

About the Artists

Jellyfish is a queer dance party based in Pittsburgh with sounds and visuals by Ricky Moslen and Stephanie Tsong. Since 2017 the monthly party has welcomed dancers to a sweaty dance floor blanketed in neon + fog with an eclectic mix of disco, new wave, italo, house, post-punk, and more.

MESH is an inclusive queer dance party that features queer, trans, and nonbinary artists from all across the North American underground scene. Influenced by their peers you can find anything from house to left-field techno playing at their events, anything to get you dancing all night long.

Jam Rahuoja Rostron, better known by their stage name Planningtorock, is an English electronic musician and record producer who lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

About Inside Out

Inside Out is Carnegie Museum of Art's free outdoor summer event series. Inside Out takes place from Saturday, June 4 through Saturday, August 13 in the museum’s Sculpture Court in an immersive pavilion by artist Rafael Domenech, commissioned for the 58th Carnegie International.

Curated by Lauren Goshinski and huny young, this year's lineup of Thursday evening DJ performances highlights a wide range of crews and collectives who are active across Pittsburgh’s nightlife scenes. The 2022 Inside Out series is centered around the concept of “+1.” Each crew has been invited to add a special guest artist to help expand the music and connections for artists and audiences alike.


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