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Inside Out — Hot Mass + Friends

On Thursday, July 29, enjoy happy hour in the museum's outdoor sculpture courtyard with tunes provided by DJs and friends of the popular Pittsburgh after-hours party, Hot Mass.

Bring your appetite, too! Regional food trucks and a bar created by Café Carnegie offering custom snacks, kid-friendly treats, local beers, delicious wines, and more will be on-site.

While you’re at Inside Out, participate in art-making activities for all ages.

Inside Out events are FREE, open to all ages, have limited capacity, and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Make a day of it and reserve your timed tickets to visit the museum before or after you enjoy Inside Out!


Hot Mass & Friends: Jarrett Tebbetts, Jwan Allen, Kerem Gokmen

We welcome back Hot Mass DJs to the courtyard, with resident Jarrett Tebbets (Cold Cuts) and guests Jwan Allen and Kerem Gokmen. Not limited to just one genre, Jarrett brings an eclectic mix of disco, modern soul, boogie/funk, and electronic when approaching the decks. Jwan is a Detroit techno and deep house aficionado, co-founder of Technoir Audio and Broken Planet record labels. Kerem has been the radio host of Dubmission on WYEP since 1998 blending downtempo, jazz, house, funk, techno, hip-hop, offbeat, glitch, disco, rare groove, leftfield, funk, dub & more. OGs in their own right, the music knowledge runs deep tonight.

LG: There is a wide variety of dance music played at Hot Mass by local, national, and international DJs. Jarrett, you’ve run the party “Cold Cuts” for a number of years, which consistently delivers disco and house music. How are disco and house still such important bedrocks of dance music today? Also, please tell these fine people why hoagies and deli meats are your thing :)
JT: I find both disco and house to be two of the pillars in which dance music sits on. I think they’re both the common thread that for almost any genre of dance music. If you like house music, at some point you’re gonna find disco, and hopefully, like me, you’ll be hooked. Both are timeless, classic, and filled with soul.

I made them my thing! Hoagies/deli meats have just always been in my life. It all started as a kid, every field trip, every Kennywood day, almost every memorable moment; there was always an Italian hoagie. From there, it kept growing. Sometimes it’s a hoagie pop-up, hoagie parties, or hoagie giveaways on my IG. TBH, I should just have a hoagie spot and make it official.

LG: Jwan & Kerem, you’re both well-known DJs in your own right who have guest-spotted at Hot Mass a number of times. What does this club offer that’s unique from other venues as far as what you can explore or play as a DJ?
JA: World-class sound with a familial vibe; I can’t say I’ve ever played for a more musical open crowd at any other event in North America.
KG: Intimate setting with a top-notch sound system, the staff are super-friendly, and I love that it’s world-renowned. I’m lucky enough to have played there a number of times, and each occasion has a special place in my heart. It brings out the best in any DJ

LG: You’ve all seen some things over the years. Please tell a legendary Pittsburgh rave story in 10 words or less. ;)
JT: CMOA x Hot Mass. 900+ ppl in the HOA (Hall of Architecture. Bananas!
JA: The instigator, theme to a clockwork orange, electro stuffed animals explosion.
KG: Warehouses, old banks, tunnels, forests - we’ll party anywhere

LG: Drop some knowledge. What are the sources of your music inspiration?
Or, is there anything you wish people knew more about Pittsburgh music & nightlife?

JT: A lot of my inspiration comes from local and international DJs. Sometimes it’s about what they’re playing, and other times it’s how they are presenting it. I try to find the best bits in every DJ/musician that I like, and I’ll try to figure out ways to incorporate that with my sets. That’s Pittsburgh has got it going on, and we’re not just a skip-over city. Wake up!
JA: We have some of the most talented people regardless of genre and or discipline in the world in our own backyard. The next big thing is standing right next to you.
KG: I’m inspired by changing times while still appreciating the city’s rich history. My goal is to do my part on the radio by setting the bar high for myself, and after nearly 25 years on WYEP I always have Duke Ellington’s famous line “What I do tomorrow will be the best thing I’ve ever done” in the back of my mind when I’m producing shows.

LG: How can people help music & nightlife in Pittsburgh recover from Covid and come back better? Anything on the horizon folks should attend or support?
JA: Get vaccinated and dance with us; we’d love to see your smiling faces on the dancefloor again. And if you can’t make it out, throw some love on a cash app/venmo, etc. We all get busy but if you can’t make it out, treat your favorite performer to a cup of coffee. They’d really appreciate it. My crew @jetpartyservices on instagram will continue to do daytime outdoor pop-ups in and around the city while we all await the clubs and venues to open back up; they’re free and family-friendly.
KG: Encourage your friends to get out there again and support nightlife by visiting new venues and embracing performers to help us all bounce back stronger than before. There’s a great variety of outdoor events happening that’ll help whet our appetites to getting back out onto the dancefloor this summer.

LG: For you, why is music & nightlife an essential part of culture at large?
JA: It’s the heartbeat of the nation, that rhythm that allows us to fill that spreadsheet, complete that project or get ourselves out the door in the morning. JA
KG: Pittsburgh nightlife has come a long way over the year years, and thanks to all the talented producers and DJs here, I love knowing that pretty much any day of the week, we have options for something quality

LG: TRACK ID. Name a track you’re rinsing right now, that we might hear at CMOA.
JT: System Olympia - Close To My Nebula
JA:NCW on NCW - Cluffy’s Dream - Apartment Records
KG: Tiombe Lockhart, Kaidi Tatham, Tommaso Cappellato, Patrick Gibin - Blue Bird (Mother Tongue Records)

LG: Describe a Hot Mass / Cold Cuts night or your sound in 5 words or less :)
JT: Eclectic, electric, and soulful.
JA: Funky dance music that feeds the soul.
KG: Hot Mass/Cold Cuts night - A night to remember

About the Artists:

Hot Mass is an electronic music dance party held weekly since December 2012 below Club Pittsburgh. The event indirectly grew out of Pittsburgh's LGBT, disco, and electronic music subcultures of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Critics have noted the experience and quality of music at Hot Mass is difficult to find elsewhere in the United States, comparing it favorably to European nightclubs and parties, including Berghain.

About Inside Out:

Inside Out is Carnegie Museum of Art’s new outdoor summer event series celebrating and supporting Pittsburgh’s rich cultural landscape. Running from June 5 through September 4 on Thursdays from 4-8 p.m. and Saturdays from 12-5 p.m., the museum is partnering with over 28 regional artists and small arts organizations to transform the museum’s outdoor Sculpture Courtyard into the season’s go-to destination with a robust schedule of pop-up performances, DJs, art-making activities, local food trucks and beverages, kid-friendly treats, and more. See the full schedule of events here.