Inside Out — Curators’ Night x Mostbeautifullest: Boo Lean & HUNY + Suzi Analogue

Sculpture Court

Join us on Thursday, July 28 from 5 to 9 p.m. in the Sculpture Court for a night of music and dancing featuring DJ sets by Inside Out lineup curators, HUNY and Boo Lean, with special guest Suzi Analogue.

El Rincon Oaxaqueño food truck will be on-site at the museum serving authentic Mexican food from the state of Oaxaca.

Trace Brewing, the official brewery partner of Inside Out, will have beer for sale. A selection of non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.

Inside Out events are FREE and most events are open to audiences of all ages. Make a day of it and reserve your timed tickets to visit the museum before or after you enjoy Inside Out!

Liner Notes with Lauren Goshinski and sarah huny young

Inside Out co-curators Lauren Goshinski (Boo Lean) & sarah huny young (HUNY) share current musings on carving out your own path as a DJ & cultural producer.

Boo Lean: HUNY, we met in 2017 working at Pittsburgh Filmmakers (RIP) — I was the Director of Exhibitions, and you were the Director of Marketing. I loved how our perspectives clicked on how art, music, and entertainment could intersect. We're both ambitious and try to bring together people in a way that has an extra "oomph." We also know how challenging this can be; not everything works out, especially when trying something that doesn't fit into an established mold. What are you proudest of in the last few years that you've accomplished?
HUNY: Yes, we're both very ambitious and know how to execute in service of community. I'm most proud of establishing Mostbeautifullest (MoB) as a fun, accepting, sexy, nightlife and club music movement for Queer and Trans people of color in Pittsburgh. There was nothing quite like The MoB here when I arrived from NYC, and going from this music industry art director person to the Pittsburgh City Paper "Person of the Year" in music in this city is a real vibe. I'm proud I've introduced so many Black queer and Black femme DJs to Pittsburgh who'd never been here. They end up falling in love with our community and think of us as a nightlife hub in a way they didn't before. I'm grateful to collectives like gFx for doing so much legwork before I even got here to disrupt cis male domination in PGH nightlife. Props to you, LG!

HUNY: We've had many conversations with each other about the challenges of being women who work in nightlife. Are there any other bawse babes in nightlife you want to shout out?
Boo Lean: A few I'd like to shout out who are making a lasting impact in this field or have worked with me in a way where I felt personally seen and supported are: Taica Replansky of CTM Festival Berlin; consultant Patti Schmidt formerly of Mutek Montreal; journalist Christine Kakaire; my Resident Advisor co-chair Carin Abdula who's also Head Agent at OUTER; bookers Amelia Holt at Public Records and Kristin Malossi at Nowadays; Madeleine Campbell of Women in Sound; Darwin of SPEC records and Clean Scene; Kate Lesta from Communikey / Gays Hate Techno; and Allison Harnden from Pittsburgh's Office of Nighttime Economy. Women and femmes in these roles are needed for systemic change to take root and not cannibalize each other in the process or succumb to internalized misogyny. Each of these folks has countered adversity and worked through complexities in a way that touches my heart, and I have great respect for.

Boo Lean: Let's gas up our +1, Suzi Analogue, why are we so excited to have her in Pittsburgh?
HUNY: I’ve “known” Suzi Analogue (that is to say, we’ve been following each other on Instagram) for about ten years now. We’ve been one degree separated in the music industry for that long, too, and unless I’m making it up in my head, we actually met back in the day–my New York club kid/VIBE magazine employee memories are hazy these days. Suzi has been that girl since the first time I heard her name; everyone who knows her talks about her with such reverence. She’s an exciting figure in music, style, and branding... and to have paved such a deep path as a Black woman in electronic music—a field that’s so white male heavy—and still remain cool as hell and to be willing to come to Pittsburgh to play at the museum is really dope. She’s a legend, her sound is unique, energetic, and erotic, and she knows exactly who she is while remaining fresh and experimental. We love to see it.

HUNY: Inviting each crew to tag in a plus one as our curation theme this year was your idea. What made you think of that, and what excites you most about bringing Suzi to Carnegie Museum of Art as our plus one?
Boo Lean: I wanted us to intentionally build on how I curated last year's program. Last year we kept it close to home by featuring crews that had persevered through the pandemic. +1 is a known shorthand used for party guest lists. It popped into my head as a simple way to describe the intent of this year. With more resources and budget, it's about giving crews the means to enrich and expand their own networks/sound by bringing in someone new. Being a "curator of curators" is what we are doing on this project, which should leave room for everyone to bring other artists into the mix in a self-defined and safe way. When you and I were brainstorming our +1 there were so many women & femmes that came to mind — it was hard to choose. But when we locked on Suzi, it made so much sense. I feel like she epitomizes what both of us strive for - the vision, drive, entrepreneurship, energy, and sound. I hope people feel that arc when we all play, and in knowing more about what we each do behind the scenes. I'm happy we got to do this one together.

About the Artists

Suzi Analogue is a prolific producer, songwriter, and composer, a member of the Recording Academy, and the creator of Never Normal Records based in Miami, FL. She is energetically pioneering the new wave of women producers in electronic music & beyond. Gaining worldwide recognition for her own diverse electronic productions, her music has found homes on Billboard charts, New York Fashion Week runways, Networks like Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Boiler Room, and worldwide radio, including BBC. Her music process includes electronic experimentation with cutting-edge music technology and synthesizers. Her global performances have been witnessed worldwide, spanning continents including Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Suzi's work is shaping culture.

Mostbeautifullest (aka The MoB) is a Black queer-women & femmes-led artist collective with a mission to create inclusive and intersectional experiences that center Black women, femmes, and the Black queer & trans community in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Lauren Goshinski (Boo Lean) is a DJ and curator who’s crafted some of the most forward-thinking dance floors and AV shows over the past decade. A trusted ear in more ways than one, she’s known behind the scenes as a founder and curator of festivals and spaces like VIA Festival, New Forms Festival, Hot Mass, and her current residencies at Public Records and The Lot Radio. She’s also a board member of Resident Advisor, holding it down for independent scenes in a big way. In the booth, she’s eclectic and elastic — playing with genre, tempo, pressure, and pace to a mesmerizing result.

About Inside Out

Inside Out is Carnegie Museum of Art's free outdoor summer event series. Inside Out takes place from Saturday, June 4 through Saturday, August 13 in the museum’s Sculpture Court in an immersive pavilion by artist Rafael Domenech, commissioned for the 58th Carnegie International.

Curated by Lauren Goshinski and huny young, this year's lineup of Thursday evening DJ performances highlights a wide range of crews and collectives who are active across Pittsburgh’s nightlife scenes. The 2022 Inside Out series is centered around the concept of “+1.” Each crew has been invited to add a special guest artist to help expand the music and connections for artists and audiences alike.


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