Photo: Nate Guidry

Hugo Cruz and Caminos: Punto de Partida Album Release

Carnegie Music Hall, Oakland

Free, no registration required

On Sunday, June 12, Hugo Cruz and Caminos will celebrate the release of their first album Punto de Partida (Point of Departure) at Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland. The live concert will feature the album’s eight original tracks featuring a line-up of notable musicians from Cuba and Pittsburgh. Punto de Partida combines rhythms and melodies representing genres of traditional Cuban and Afro Cuban music, son, chachachá, changüi, latin jazz, bembè, comparsa, rumba, American jazz, rock, funk, and gospel.

Throughout the concert, Hugo will intertwine elements of storytelling, sharing the background of each song and its significance within music history as well as his personal anecdotes and approach to writing music. Punto de Partida represents an amalgam of Hugo’s personal and professional experiences growing up in a music family in his hometown of Santa Clara, as a student at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, as a musician performing professionally throughout the world, and now as an artist living in the United States.

The celebration will feature Hugo Cruz (drums, percussion), Dr. Ben Barson (emcee and baritone saxophone), Eli Naragon (bass), Michael Bernabe (piano, keyboard), Jesus Ricardo Anduz Seoane (trumpet), Jeff Bush (trombone), Patrick Breiner (tenor saxophone), Colter Harper (guitar), Noel Quintana (percussion), Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh President Dr. Steven Knapp (percussion), Juan Tiny Colon (vocals), Geña (vocals), Juan Noguera (vocals), Anthony Mitchell Jr. (vocals).

No registration is required for this free event. Drop in to Carnegie Music Hall at 3 p.m. to celebrate Hugo Cruz and Caminos.

About the Artist:
Hugo Cruz, Cuban-born drummer, percussionist, composer, and producer, leads the group Hugo Cruz and Caminos, a Cuban-world-jazz fusion band that fuses rhythms and melodies of Afro-Cuban, Cuban, and American music, in an original contemporary expression that honors traditional Cuban form.