Photo of a large space filled with reproductions of buildings and building fragments, including a very large church, at rear, pillars, and stone relief in foreground.

The Hall of Architecture at Carnegie Museum of Art, Photo: Bryan Conley

Gallery Conversation with Luc Merx

Hall of Architecture

Free with Admission

Love our majestic Hall of Architecture? So does Dutch architect Luc Merx! In his own work, Merx incorporates historic practices and motifs into contemporary design, making the Hall a rich source of inspiration.

Join Merx in the Hall of Architecture for a talk about his work, and on the history of plaster cast collections.

In 1999, Merx founded Gagat International in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to explore the borders between design, architecture and art.

Stay afterward for CMOA's monthly Third Thursday, with gallery activities led by Merx.

About Luc Merx

Dutch architect Luc Merx (b. 1970) received his Architectural Diploma at the RWTH in Aachen in Germany. In addition to his work with digital design and production methods, Merx investigates the more general interrelations between tools and products. In 2003, he studied the parallels between late baroque architecture and computer-driven modern architecture. This resulted in the ongoing design and research project Rokokorelevanz.

Merx's work has been exhibited internationally, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Design Museum in London, Gallery Moss in New York, the Garden Hall of the residency in Würzburg, the Couvenmuseum in Aachen, the Architecture Gallery am Weißenhof, and in Clemenswerth Palace.