Banner promoting the Eye of the Beholder lecture with Laura Snyder and Michael White

Eye of the Beholder

CMOA Theater

Free, Registration Required

What can a scientist’s technological instruments make visible for the artist? What can an artist’s paintings illuminate for a poet?

Join us for a night of art, science, history, and poetry as you are transported to the guildhalls of 17th-century Holland. Enter the world of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and Johannes Vermeer in a time when scientists were called ‘natural philosophers’ and artists polished lenses to invent new ways of seeing.

The evening will open with poet Michael White (external link), writing under the spell of Vermeer’s luminous paintings, followed by award-winning author and historian of science Laura Snyder (external link), who will tell the story of how Leeuwenhoek and his neighbor, Vermeer, transformed the way our eyes behold the world.

All attendees will be eligible for special $5 discounted admission to Carnegie Museum of Art's Third Thursday: EDEN, a celebration of the exhibition Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium. Transport yourself to Brazil with a trip through the immersive world of the influential artist, beats by Rio-based DJ duo IOIA, and a late-night café menu inspired by South American flavors.