Teen working intently on paint project with table and materials in background

Draw, Paint, Print: Tell Me a Story


$45 (Member: $35)

What are the stories you want to tell? What ideas, issues, and observations will you shape into a narrative about the world as you see it? The exercises in this video program find inspiration in works of art in our collection by artists who use words and text to produce visual art. You will discover how the size and shape of the letters they use and the messages they convey, as well as the techniques and materials they choose can play a part in helping you identify the story you want to tell.

In this class you will:

  • Develop a “visual diary” where you can collect your story ideas
  • Create characters to carry out your narrative
  • Design settings and environments where the action of your narrative takes place
  • Meet in a live Zoom on August 28 to workshop your ideas and preliminary work into your final image using materials you have on hand at home

Materials Needed:

  • Paper for sketching or pre-bound sketchbook
  • Writing implement like pencil, pen, or markers
  • Coloring tools like paint, oil pastel or colored pencils
  • Media for collage like print outs, photographs, magazines, and newspaper
  • Tape and Glue
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    Classes are available starting July 27. Work through the video lessons and create your final artwork in time for a live Zoom session with the teacher and your classmates on Friday, August 28, from 4–5 p.m.

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