Young child smiling in from of large colorful drawing

Draw, Paint, Print: Exploring the Natural World


$45 (Member: $35)

Be inspired by the world right outside your door! This series of imaginative art making exercises focuses on nature as your inspiration for creating projects in collage, printmaking, drawing, and watercolor painting. See artworks in our collection that depict landscapes, trees, and flowers to spark your creative thinking as you work through the three exploratory exercises in different media and then produce your final project. Have fun expressing your observations, ideas, and feelings about nature in your original artwork.

In This Class You Will:

  • Draw nature from observation just like the French Impressionists
  • Make contour drawings and mix colors to capture the variety of tones you see in nature
  • Learn from works in our collection
  • Bring all your work together in your culminating project, an expressive nature collage that includes a printmaking process

Materials Needed:

  • Any paper for sketches; slightly heavier paper or card stock for watercolors
  • Pencil, colored pencils, or oil pastels
  • Watercolor (liquid or cake), water soluble paint, small paint brush, Q-Tip
  • Ball point pen, Sharpie marker, black paint, or printing ink
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Disposable plates or trays
  • Cupcake tins, jar lids, or other containers for mixing paints
  • Water container
  • Paper towels
  • Table salt
  • Spray bottle, eyedroppers, or straws
  • Natural materials like Leaves, flower heads, or ferns


Classes are available starting July 27. Work through the video lessons and create your final artwork in time for a live Zoom session with the teacher and your classmates on Tuesday, August 25, from 4–5 p.m.

About Online Art Classes

Join a friendly teaching artist for an engaging series of on-demand online lessons, intended for young learners in elementary, middle, and high school. These video-based classes use our inspiring collection to teach problem solving, art making techniques, and creative self-expression. Sign up for the class and receive access to three exploratory exercises and instructions for a final project. Then, join your teacher and classmates for a live Zoom session to share your original artwork!