Glass and transparent bowls stacked against a white background

SPACAPAN, Bowl, stackable, 2015

Design in Conversation: Listening In


Price: Pay What You Wish

We’re kicking off our new exhibition, Locally Sourced, with a panel discussion on listening–presented in collaboration with Justin Rothshank’s Intention Project between 52 states! What does it mean to listen as a maker? Do you listen to others as part of your creative practice? Can listening be counterproductive? How has listening changed in a world that prohibits meeting each other face-to-face?

Listen in on this one-hour conversation and Q&A with a few of the featured makers in Locally Sourced:

  • Zak Kruszynski & Kelsey Henson (B&A)
  • Jenna Vanden Brink Ceramics
  • Tereneh Idia (Idia’Dega)
  • Margaret Spacapan (SPACAPAN)

Zoom links will be emailed upon registration.

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