Image by Laura Petrilla.

Deep Listening: A Healing Sound Concert

$10 (Members: $8; Students: $5)

We invite you on an auditory enterprise, a musical meditation, a vibration adventure.

Experience a magnificent soundscape of crystal bowls and didgeridoo in the grand Carnegie Music Hall for a Healing Sound Concert with Vox Lumina and Octeel. This evening will delightfully combine the elements of sonic science, spiritual practice, and artistic expression. The performance will be followed by a Q&A with the artists.

Participants sit in the Music Hall during this experience. Come ready to be relaxed and renewed!

Please note, this concert experience is not recommended for children under 10 years of age (for purposes of maintaining an undisturbed listening space for all). Thank you for your consideration.

What is a Healing Sound Concert?

It is said that the crystal bowls and didgeridoo generate both an ambient and visceral vibration experience: you feel the sound surround you while it fills up the entire Music Hall. The duo intentionally produce an “acoustic alchemy” of Pythagorean tunings and musical mathematics that generate unique sound forms and colorful, textured soundscapes. The sonic experience encourages an increased auditory awareness and “deep listening” and induces a relaxed and meditative state.

About the Artists

Pittsburgh sound artists Vox Lumina and Octeel have been making music together for over 5 years, offering their popular “Sound Baths” regularly at yoga studios.

Vox Lumina (Brooke Smokelin) is a musician, sound healer, yoga teacher, and environmental artist. For 25 years she has been playing the crystal bowls, using music and sound as a medium for deep relaxation, meditation and healing. She is also an experienced yoga teacher and the creator of her own style of Chakra Yoga and the Chakra Activation Deck, traveling worldwide providing yoga practitioners and yoga teachers with tools and techniques to “ignite the light” within. She has a private sound healing practice in Pittsburgh and has worked for years with the integrative medical community to provide therapeutic sound experiences for patients. Through her River Alchemy Project she revitalizes connections between people and their ecological communities and creates vibrational healing experiences for bodies of water across the country. To find out more about Brooke please go to and download her music on itunes: voxlumina

Octeel (Matthew Macri) is a sound explorer, musician, visual artist, tattooer, and didgeridoo crafter. He has always been interested in music and how it affects people. Upon meeting Vox Lumina, his knowledge of sound vibration and it’s positive influence, led to an ever-evolving collaborative sound experience. Through playing didgeridoo, Octeel holds intentions of healing, positivity, and journey for each listeners personal exploration. Aside from teaching didgeridoo, he currently performs with Vox Lumina monthly, and is designing didgeridoos to aid in his creation of auditory worlds.