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William Henry Fox Talbot, Rev. Calvert Richard Jones, The Fruit Sellers (detail), before December 13, 1845, salted paper print from a calotype negative, Gift of the William Talbott Hillman Foundation

Experimenting with Cyanotype

$150, Members: $120, Students: $75

In this two-day workshop, augment your artistic practice by experimenting with the historical photographic process of cyanotype (a.k.a. blueprint).

We’ll visit the exhibition William Henry Fox Talbot and the Promise of Photography to see how this early innovator pushed the limits of photography and created the first lasting photographic image on paper. Then, discover how these early innovations can impact artistic practice today by learning simple methods for transferring images to blueprint using Xerox, transparencies, negatives, paper, and fabric.

In the second session, engage in conversations about image use and interpretation, learning techniques for using images in traditional and alternative hand-made book formats.

Materials provided include 10 sheets of pre-coated paper, 10 transparencies, muslin, and standard book-making supplies. Students should bring high-contrast images for reproduction. Students may provide additional materials or some will be available for purchase on-site.

Register early, class size is limited. Some artistic experience preferred.

Meet in the Yellow Studio, which is located through the Portal Entry at the rear of the building.