A colorful drawn face looking sideways with geometric shapes and lines, next to the words "Crash Course"

Detail of Lucebert, Nein, 1964, Carnegie Museum of Art, Gift of James L. Winokur. Courtesy the artist or the artist’s representative/heirs

Crash Course: Art After World War – Evening

CMOA Theater

$75 (Members: $66, Students: $45)

World Wars I and II redefined culture, society, politics, and art. Trace the shifts in the art world as a result of the rise of Nazi Germany, the Great Depression, the Cold War, and the counter-culture movements of the 1960s and 70s.

Discover how artists interpreted these rapid changes and expressed their ideas during a global moment of transition.

Teachers: You can earn Act 48 (external link) activity hours for participating in this program. Email the Teacher Programs Coordinator at teachers@cmoa.org to request an application.

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About the Instructor

Nicole F. Scalissi is a PhD candidate in the History of Art and Architecture Department at the University of Pittsburgh. Her forthcoming dissertation focuses on American performance art since the 1970s that stages or fakes violence against marginalized communities as a means to call attention to the prevalent and disproportionate violence committed against women and people of color in the US. Scalissi completed her master’s degree at Penn State, where her qualifying paper was on Andy Warhol’s early-career paintings of 1950s “lady” wrestlers and their unique challenges to traditional gender categories and Cold War pop culture. Her work has been published in the scholarly journal Contemporaneity.

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