Five images of human figures from ancient art to painting today.

Crash Course 2: Late Medieval Art through France and the Rococo Style – Wednesday Morning Session

CMOA Theater

$80 (Members: $64, Students: $40)

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In this rare opportunity, knowledgeable, engaging scholars hand-picked by Carnegie Museum of Art guide you through the famous, the infamous, the mysterious, and the yet-to-be-discovered. It’s a four-week crash course in a big slice of the history of art. And, you’ll have access to the real thing! Participants get access to museum galleries after each session.

This is one part of a 12-week Crash Course.

The reliquaries, altarpieces, devotional sculpture, and manuscripts of the Late Medieval era begin this fascinating adventure that encompasses many important moments in art making and thinking. Take flight in Italy during the pinnacle of Leonardo’s and Raphael’s Renaissance. Travel to the Netherlands for a look at Bruegel and Bosch, then Rembrandt’s Dutch Golden Age. Explore more deeply the rich cultural exchange exemplified by the prints of Schöngauer and Dürer and the global trade marked by bronzes and wares that crossed borders and seas. End your journey with a quick flourish through the baroque and rococo styles highlighting Caravaggio, Bernini, Poussin, and Vouet.
About the Instructor 
Dr. Saskia Beranek is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, having previously also taught at Duquesne, St. Vincent’s, and Carlow. She is a specialist in 17th-century Dutch art, architecture, and garden design and has spent most of the last decade researching Amalia van Solms, Princess of Orange—one of the most significant Dutch female patrons of the day. Her interests lie in portraits and where and when they were displayed. She has presented this research at a range of conferences in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK, and has authored an article examining the portrait gallery as a site of display in Dutch 17th-century elite residences.

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