Mash up of images from CMOA's Real Day Instagram project

Strength in Numbers: CMOA Real Day

Heads up Instagrammers: CMOA wants to get your perspective on life. Show us how photography can gather moments to tell a bigger story.

The one rule—your story should be authentic. If something is “on fleek,” we don’t want to see it. Keep your sunsets, magazine-quality food shots, and perfectly styled selfies. We want to see the reality of your world, good, bad, and meh. So don’t hold back on details others might miss or your unique perspectives—as long as it’s your truth, we want to see it.

To Participate

Simply post to Instagram using the hashtag #cmoarealday. We’ll collect images and share each person’s real life at and on a display in the exhibition gallery. Also, at the end of the exhibition, we’ll ask local musicians to write songs using the #cmoarealday submissions as inspiration.

#cmoarealday is a program of Strength in Numbers at CMOA, which draws from all four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh (external link) to show how photography in groups can convey the perspectives of individual photographers. Photographers like Garry Winogrand, the quintessential street photographer observing the world around him as it rushed by; LaToya Ruby Frazier, sharing her perspectives on her native Braddock, PA, through intimate views of her family life; or Larry Clark, portraying the lives of his drug-addicted friends as only an insider can.

Now it’s your turn to share your real perspectives with the CMOA community.