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Installation view Elle Pérez

CMOA Book Club: Stone Butch Blues — Online


“But with this novel I planted a flag: Here I am—does anyone else want to discuss these important issues? I wrote it, not as an expression of individual “high” art, but as a working-class organizer mimeographs a leaflet–a call to action.”

Leslie Feinberg

In 1993, Leslie Feinberg published Stone Butch Blues. Since then, this seminal queer text has impacted many—including photographer Elle Pérez, whose work is featured as part of the museum’s Forum series.

The historical fiction coming-of-age novel follows protagonist Jess Goldberg as they navigate the complexities of gender and sexuality in Upstate New York during the 1940s through the 1970s in a compelling account of working-class life, LGBTQIA identities, and queer love. Facilitated by Julie Beaulieu, lecturer in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, this online series, offered to participants via Zoom, of thematic presentations and discussions on Stone Butch Blues will draw connections between queer literature and visual art.

Readers at any level of familiarity with the text are welcome to join, and completing the entire book before the first session won’t be necessary.

The book is available through a free .pdf download at