A group of different colored shipping containers near water under a cloudy sky.

Still from Noël Burch and Allan Sekula's The Forgotten Space, 2010.

Cinematheque: Politics – Evening

CMOA Theater

Free Event

We all practice politics, though we may not all be politicians. Politics signifies an active engagement with governance. As observers and creators, artists often reveal the mechanisms of governance—how rules and regulations affect individuals and their everyday lives, and how we can reinterpret them.

Films Showing:

  • Nika Autor, Newsreel 63, 2017. Run time: 39:00
    This “anti-newsreel” begins with a footage of refugees traveling between the train’s wheels to comment on the current state of global economy and politics.
  • Noël Burch and Allan Sekula, The Forgotten Space, 2010. Run time: 1:52:00
    An epic contemporary tale of container ships also shows us the hidden costs built into the mechanism of global capital.

About Cinematheque

The 2018 International transforms the CMOA Theater into a cinematheque. Taking its name from the French, a cinematheque is a small film house or a film library. Libraries open up a world of knowledge to the public, and the International’s Cinematheque likewise brings to Pittsburgh worlds captured by filmmakers near and far.

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