Animation of a young girl and a cat

Still from Ervin Han and Bernard Toh's The Girl and the Cat, 2017.

Cinematheque: Beauty – Matinee

CMOA Theater

Free Event

There is beauty in being lost in a film: a dreamy, magical, surreal space of vision and sound. Meet beautiful monsters, ghostly apparitions, and historic figures summoned by the imagination of artists. At this series of free film screenings, we invite you to experience themes from the Carnegie International in a new way.

Films Showing:

  • Mamadou Dia, Samedi Cinema, 2016. Run time: 11:00
    Two boys in Senegal have until Saturday to scrounge enough change to see a film in their town’s only theater, which is closing for good on Sunday.
  • Ervin Han and Bernard Toh, The Girl and the Cat, 2017. Run time: 13:00
    A girl gets lost at a night market in Singapore, and ends up on a dreamy adventure with a cat.
  • Wanjun Bei, Ellee, 2016. Run time: 3:00
    A magic potion transforms how a girl sees the world.
  • Emma Hendrix and Cindy Mochizuki, Kudok, 2012. Run time: 5:30
    A child describes his monster friend Kudok. Find out what he’s like.
  • Bracken Hanuse Corlett, Ghost Food, 2017. Run time: 3:50
    In the outskirts of a blighted city in the future, two siblings go searching for food and encounter a ghost.
  • Amanda Strong, Four Faces of the Moon, 2016. Run time: 13:40
    A time traveler and photographer traces her family history as it is intertwined with colonial history in North America.

About Cinematheque

The 2018 International transforms the museum’s theater into a cinematheque. Taking its name from the French, a cinematheque is a small film house or a film library. Libraries open up a world of knowledge to the public, and the International’s Cinematheque likewise brings to Pittsburgh worlds captured by filmmakers near and far.

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