Smoke stacks billowing smog over a rolling landscape.

Johanna K. W. Hailman, Jones and Laughlin Mill, Pittsburgh (detail), ca. 1925–1930, Carnegie Museum of Art, Bequest of Johanna K. W. Hailman

Breathe Better Day

CMOA Theater, Museum of Art Lobby

Free (with museum admission)

Why is air quality so important to our region? What are the current factors that make Pittsburgh one of the top 10 most polluted cities? Learn more and be part of the solution as Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural history partner with the Breathe Project (external link) to present lectures, discussions, and family-friendly activities that examine air quality and offer ways to take action. Just drop in!

Breathe Better Day was inspired by Monet and the Modern City, which examines how artists responded to the rise of industry, often characterizing the urban industrial landscape as a beautiful, powerful promise of the future. We know now that industrialization harmed the environment and many people’s quality of life, and remains an ongoing problem for our region.

See the schedule of events below.

Schedule of Events