A hazy painting of a large bridge over a river, houses in the background, and smoke.

Camille Pissarro, The Great Bridge, Rouen (Le Grand Pont, Rouen) (detail), 1896, Carnegie Museum of Art

Behind the Art: Monet and the Modern City

Gallery One

Free with admission

How does an exhibition come together? Who decides which paintings are chosen? How is Claude Monet’s Waterloo Bridge series related to Aaron Henry Gorson’s paintings of Pittsburgh industry?

Meet Akemi May, the curator of Monet and the Modern City, for a casual conversation about what’s behind the art. Bring your questions about this leader of the Impressionist movement, compare our Waterloo Bridge painting with two other versions, and discuss Monet and other artists’ passion for the smoky beauty of the industrial city.

This event meets in Gallery One, to the left at the top of the Scaife staircase.

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