A small ant holding a large leaf in its mouth.

Still from Catherine Chalmers’ short film Leafcutters.

Anthropocene Artist Lecture: Catherine Chalmers in Conversation with Dan Leers and Nicole Heller

CMOA Theater

Adults: $10 (Members: $5, Students free)

Artist Catherine Chalmers joins a dialogue with Dan Leers, Carnegie Museum of Art’s curator of photography, and Nicole Heller, Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Anthropocene curator. The evening includes a discussion of Chalmers’s award-winning short film Leafcutters, currently featured in Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Anthropocene Living Room.

Chalmers’s creative practice examines life in the Anthropocene, the proposed name of the current geological epoch when humans have become the dominant planetary force. As people restructure earth system processes, impacting the diversity and abundance of life, the Anthropocene calls into question whether nature and culture are separate.

Chalmers similarly blurs the line between natural history and art. As she observes, “My work is at the intersection of art, science and nature. I do extensive research for each of my long-term, multimedia projects and a direct engagement with the natural world is central to what I do.”

Teachers: You can earn Act 48 (external link) activity hours for participating in this program. Email the Teacher Programs Coordinator at teachers@cmoa.org to request an application.

Event Registration

Register here (external link) at Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s website. Adult tickets are $10, members are $5, and students are free.