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I’m Still Here: Alzheimer’s and Art with Dr. John Zeisel

CMOA Theater

Free Event

Join CMOA and the Jewish Association on Aging in welcoming Dr. John Zeisel for a free public talk. Dr. Zeisel's work with people living with Alzheimer's and dementia has led to groundbreaking programs pairing art and memory care.

"Alzheimer's doesn't take away memory; your memories are all in there. The part of the brain that's damaged is the part that gives you access to memory. It's as if you put the memories in the glove compartment and you lost the key – and art unlocked it."

–Dr. John Zeisel, president of Hearthstone Alzheimer Care, and founder of the I'm Still Here® Foundation.

Dr. Zeisel presents a unique positive message of hope in the face of this devastating disease. An innovator in quality of life programs for people living with Alzheimer's, Dr. Zeisel will discuss his I'm Still Here person-centered approach and the worldwide impact of the innovative evidence-based Meet Me at the Museum program his Foundation developed in 2005.

Carnegie Museum of Art’s In the Moment tours, The Andy Warhol Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and museums worldwide now welcome people living with Alzheimer's and dementia. Dr. Zeisel will discuss how such art appreciation programs create meaningful experiences for everyone including care partners, family members, and museum staff who look, laugh, and share life stories by making connections with works of art.

CMOA’s In the Moment tour program and The Warhol’s Silver Creations experiences are generously supported by the Sylvia and Martin Snow Family Fund.

About our cosponsor:
This event is generously supported by the Jewish Association on Aging.
The first of its kind in Pennsylvania, JAA’s AHAVA Memory Care Residence is one of only six I’m Still Here® Centers of Excellence, certified by the Hearthstone Institute.

Event Sponsors

Cosponsored by the Jewish Association on Aging and AHAVA Memory Care Center of Excellence at JAA