A young girl holds a paintbrush and leans over a colorful table

Education Resources

We have a wealth of educational resources for educators, homeschooling families, and caregivers who are looking to infuse some artistic play into free time at home. Use the filters below to find resources for a variety of age groups, ranging from shorter activities to full lessons. We are updating this page every week with new activities for you!

Art Activities

These imaginative and fun activities, paired with artworks from our collection, are intended for all ages as a creative way to engage with art.

Lesson Plans

The lessons throughout Reading Art Like Text examine the intersection of text and image through examples drawn from Carnegie Museum of Art’s online collection. Lessons in this interdisciplinary curriculum engage K–12 students in the subject areas of English language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science. Many of the questions throughout, long used by museum educators, support the practice of close reading and analytical thinking as prescribed in the Common Core State Standards. This resource is intended to help teachers incorporate art into their teaching practice in ways that address those standards. Teachers should feel free to adapt these lessons to their particular needs.

*Disclaimer: All images are to be used for in-classroom, educational purposes only. Any reproduction of these images, including on the web, requires additional written permission from Carnegie Museum of Art and any applicable copyright holders.

A man in the foreground wipes his brow and leans on a hoe while laborers build structures and work in a dirt field. A church and two cows appear in the background of the scene.

Activity: Tell a Story Based on Gwathmey’s Hoeing

Artworks tell stories, and you can join in! Using Robert Gwathmey’s Hoeing as inspiration, we’ll walk you through the process of writing a story about what you see in this art activity.

Colorful pieces of painted paper patched together feature silhouettes of oil lamps, leaves, and hearts. French text reads “elle vit apparaître le matin/elle se tut discrètement.”

Activity: Drawing with Scissors Like Matisse

Henri Matisse developed a new way of making art that he called “drawing with scissors.” Make a cut-out painting in the style of Matisse in this art activity.

Sculpture composed of flat stones standing on edge and formed into a scattered ring.

Activity: Make a Natural Sculpture Inspired by Richard Long 

Richard Long is known as a land artist, someone who makes art by experiencing nature. Create your own sculpture in his style in this art activity.

A colorful view of a tall, vibrant lighthouse surrounded by sand and greenery, in front of a lively body of water

Activity: An Imaginary Trip to the Lighthouse of Fehmarn

Take an imaginary trip inspired by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s painting The Lighthouse of Fehmarn in this art activity.

A large, sprawling house throwing shadows onto the grassy lawn

Activity: Draw Your Neighborhood Afternoon

Explore the concepts of geometry and light by examining Edward Hopper’s Cape Cod Afternoon, then creating your own drawing.