Activity: Fame in Art and Social Media 

  • Grades: All Ages
  • Subjects: Art Activities

Ed Paschke was an American artist known for making art about the famous and the infamous. Bold and sometimes shocking, he permitted his subjects to express their complex personalities. Paschke was a strong believer in the viewer’s capacity to interpret his works of art on their own terms. That is what we will do in this activity!

A man wearing a hat, long tunic, and large round tinted glasses looks directly ahead, arms raised and out of the frame. 
Ed Paschke; Kevin, 1976; Carnegie Museum of Art: Gift of Darthea Speyer. © Ed Paschke

See & Think

By looking closely at Paschke’s painting, we will delve into what kind of character Kevin may be.

  • Start out by describing what Kevin looks like. What is Kevin wearing? Be specific.
  • What do those details reveal about Kevin?
  • How would you describe Kevin’s facial expression and body language?
  • What might Kevin’s likes and dislikes include?

Do: Think About Kevin as an Influencer

Even before the advent of social media and the internet, Ed Paschke, the artist, was keenly aware of the impact the media had upon our own perception of ourselves and society.

  • Think of Kevin as an influencer on social media.
  • Use your character analysis answers from above to write a social media post as if you were Kevin in this painting.