Mindfulness Meditation

Move your attention inward with this mindfulness meditation using Nicole Eisenman’s Prince of Swords.

Meditation on Shape

Sharpen your attention to detail with a guided mediation on shape using Sarah Charlesworth’s Untitled.

Meditation on Energy

Contemplate the power of artworks with this guided meditation on energy, using Untitled 2 by Brice Marden as inspiration.

Meditation on Emotions

Bring awareness to yourself and your thoughts with this Meditation on Emotions, using Untitled (Fuse) by Marco Breuer as inspiration.

Body Scan Meditation

Take a moment and reflect on your physical being with a body scan meditation inspired by The Full-Length Mirror by Pierre Bonnard.

Color Meditation

Find a quiet moment to enjoy this guided color meditation on Untitled (Amber) by Laura de Santillana, on view in the museum lobby.

Visualization Meditation

Take a moment to sharpen your senses with this visualization meditation inspired by flower by Wolfgang Tillmans.

Meditation on Spring

Find a quiet place and contemplate the changing of the seasons with the meditation on Spring, inspired by Early Spring near Mantes by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.

Counting Meditation

Enjoy this Counting Mediation inspired by “Measured Time” a clock and kitchen timer by designer Isamu Noguchi.

Meditation on Thoughts

Find a quiet place and enjoy this meditation on thoughts inspired by Seascape of Beach with Waves and Debris on Sand by Charles “Teenie” Harris.