Meet Gabriel Sierra

As part of the 2013 Carnegie International, Colombian artist Gabriel Sierra explored a new way to highlight our unique Hall of Architecture by painting the walls a deep purple.

Meet Antoine Catala

CMOA’s Hillman Photography Initiative is a project that is committed to exploring new ideas about photography. Check out this video about artist Antoine Catala’s exhibition Distant Feel from the first iteration of the Hillman Photography Initiative in 2015, which investigated themes of empathy and interaction in a digital age.

Meet Phyllida Barlow

Learn about Phyllida Barlow’s approach to art and get a behind-the-scenes look at her artwork TIP displayed at the 2013 Carnegie International.

Meet Christine Holtz

For today’s Artist Wednesday, we’re sharing the final installment of our video series featuring artists in our Counterpressures exhibition! Counterpressures explores the climate crisis from the unique perspective of 10 Pittsburgh-based artists.

Meet Stephanie Martin

Local artist and teacher Stephanie Martin makes ceramic artworks inspired by nature. Although this moment has impacted her practice, she shares how she stays connected to the environment and her work through her new studio space, garden, and ceramic kiln!

Meet Travis Mitzel

Artist Travis Mitzel is an ecological artist whose work asks: “what does it mean to make art on a planet ravaged by climate catastrophe?”

Meet Tara Fay

Artist Tara Fay has been practicing mindfulness while working on art that explores themes of race, identity, and personal narrative. Learn more about her practice in this video, part of an ongoing series featuring artists from our Counterpressures exhibition.

Meet Ginger Brooks Takahashi

In this video, artist Ginger Brooks Takahashi takes us outdoors to introduce her new, exciting public art project for the Environment, Health, and Public Art Initiative for Pittsburgh’s Office of Public Art!

Meet Su Su

This video is part of a series featuring artists in our Counterpressures exhibition, which explores the fraught relationship between humans and the environment.