Calendar of Events


Promotional image for Bricolage theater company's production of Dodo, an immersive play, at Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History. The image depicts a woman's face with birds, plants, and other creatures living on her head.

Brought to you by Bricolage, this immersive theatrical adventure is created in collaboration with Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh as part of its Carnegie Nexus initiative. Designed to alter how modern audiences interact with cultural institutions, this heavily sensory-based and intimate piece will take place at Carnegie Museums’ historic Oakland facility.

Promotional image for Thrival Innovation's marquee event at Carnegie Museum of Art on Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thrival Innovation, an annual event featuring multiple days of immersive, innovation-focused programming, concludes with a one-night-only event at Carnegie Museum of Art to recognize Pittsburgh’s unique and evolving role within the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Compilation image featuring Chef J.J. Johnson and Carnegie Museum of Art's Feast Series

James Beard-nominated Chef J.J. Johnson, formerly of Harlem’s The Cecil and Minton’s Supper Club, explores world-spanning historic foodways in a multi-course dinner. His cooking encompasses the African diaspora, bringing influences from traditional American, African, and Asian recipes into a single menu.

Woman doing yoga. She is bending over and stretching backward, so far that her hands are on the floor behind her. Above the woman is a wall mural of geometric shapes forming a large arc across the blank wall.

Day of fitness and self-care at CMOA!