Events & Programs

An impressionistic painting depicts a cloudy sky and rolling waves crashing on a beach. A dark sailboat rides the waves in the distance.

Join certified yoga instructor Lydia Kilian for a series of calming art meditations inspired by works in our collection, offered virtually via Zoom. Buy the series for a discount or drop in for one session.

A sculpture of a reclining figure with a glass wall and fountains behind it

Stretch and relax both your body and mind at home in these 30-minute gentle yoga classes for seniors.

A large plaster caste of the entrance to an abbey

CMOA’s Hall of Architecture is home to the largest architectural plaster cast in the world—the West Portal of St.-Gilles-du-Gard. Dive deep into the story behind this incredible piece in this two-part crash course.

A drawing of a skull and tools with a banner reading “Refit or Die”

Join Rodney Allen Trice and Locally Sourced curator Alyssa Velazquez as they talk about Allen’s motto of never limiting yourself to a singular focus or idea.

Painting of a bowl of pears, bananas, and citrus fruits

Take part in CMOA’s long-running In the Moment program, designed for people with Alzheimer's and dementia, from the comfort of your own home.

An intricate, abstract black and white drawing

Conclude Black History Month with a discussion on representation in design and the national maker community.