Events & Programs

Logo illustration of an animal with the words "a people's guide to AI"

In this workshop, participants will get a crash course in the basics of what makes up AI then create a collaborative speculative story that depicts a future of technology that is equitable and inspiring.

Portrait of President George Washington

Gear up to vote by taking a look back! Explore the history of presidential portraits and what they can tell us about our nation’s highest office.

Two people are farming in a black and white photo

Join artist An-My Lê and author Monique Truong as they discuss how growing up in Vietnam during the Vietnam War became a foundation for their creative practices.

People wearing face coverings standing in a brightly-lit gallery with paintings

Admission to Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History is free on Friday, October 30 for RADical Days.

Logo illustration of an animal with the words "a people's guide to AI"

In this online workshop, we will unpack the concepts and functions of machine learning within Artificial Intelligence (AI).

An adult and three children are seated in a gallery

Come enjoy a series of socially-distanced and enjoyable family-friendly afternoons in our wide-open galleries.

Glass and transparent bowls stacked against a white background

We’re kicking off our new exhibition, Locally Sourced, with a panel discussion on listening.

Book cover “Be a Maker” by Katie Howes and illustrated by Elizabet Vukovic

Tune in to afternoon storytime with the curator of Locally Sourced Alyssa Velazquez reading Be a Maker by Katey Howes and illustrated by Elizabet Vukovic.

Four wooden vases stand in a cluster; they are each a different shade and shape

Join Hanna Dausch and Locally Sourced curator Alyssa Velazquez as they discuss Dausch's process of “figuring it out as you go.”

Four clear glasses against a white background

Join us for an evening with owners and managers from retail locations around Pittsburgh discussing what it is to be a craft-centric business and the realities of selling local.