A man wearing glasses and a patterned shirt looks down on a table with one hand outstretched

Artist El Anatsui. Photo: Bryan Conley

Artist Wednesday

Dive into the work of one amazing artist every Wednesday.

Njaimeh Njie

Meet Njaimeh Njie

This video launches a series featuring artists in our Counterpressures exhibition, which explores the fraught relationship between humans and the environment.


Meet nendo

Meet nendo, a global design firm founded by Oki Sato in 2002 known for its thoughtful, minimalist designs.

Tezuka Architects

Meet Tezuka Architects

Discover the practice of Tezuka Architects, who design with daily life in mind.

A drawing featuring an outline of a person leaping with arms and chin raised, layered onto smaller drawings of trees, groups of people, and other images; surrounding the picture are the words

Meet Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Learn more about the influences and iconography in Jaune Quick-to-see-Smith’s works.

An ink drawing of a ship with tall sails on the water

Meet Max Weber

Discover the life and career of Max Weber, one of the first American artists to adopt cubism.

A painting depicts a landscape scene. Two trees in the foreground frame a mountain peak in the background and the sky is bright with the colors of sunset.

Meet the Artist: Robert Seldon Duncanson

Robert Seldon Duncanson became one of the first African American artists to garner an international reputation for his landscape paintings. Learn more about his career and interest in the natural world.

A Black woman wearing a tiara and cap and gown made of long white gloves walks down a narrow hallway, smiling brilliantly at the camera

Meet Lorraine O’Grady

Today we remember the performance persona Mlle Bourgeoise Noire (Miss Black Middle Class) of Lorraine O’Grady, whose incisive critique of the art world’s persistent racial, gender, and class exclusions remains just as relevant today.

A blue lit gallery featuring a sculptural model on a pedestal; in the background, a yellow lit gallery features a large installation of terrain-like segments of material

Meet Maya Lin

Learn more about the career of Maya Lin, a designer and architect whose work examines landscape and the world around us.

A young man wearing a sweater, collared shirt, and circular glasses leans back in a wicker chair inside a room

Meet Yasuo Kuniyoshi

This month, we’re celebrating the significant contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to the history and culture of this country. Discover Yasuo Kuniyoshi’s modernist style that blends Japanese and Western artistic traditions.

A tall sculpture with a narrow, cylindrical base covered in colored shards of porcelain; a tall earthenware figure sits atop the base

Meet Sharif Bey

Get a special look behind the scenes on an upcoming project with artist Sharif Bey, who is inspired by modernism, functional pottery, Oceanic and African art, and the art of the African diaspora.