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Photo: Bryan Conley

Reproduction Terms of Use for Publication

All requests for permission to reproduce or have access to photographic materials (Images) from Carnegie Museum of Art (Museum) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Permission to reproduce is conditional on the unequivocal acceptance of these regulations. Any breach of these terms and conditions will automatically result, at the sole discretion of the Museum, in the revocation of permission to reproduce. Payment of appropriate compensation or damages to the Museum by the applicant may also be considered.

Any applicant requesting permission to reproduce electronic images for publicity purposes must obtain the proper reproduction permission from the Communications Manager.

Permission to Reproduce

Permission to reproduce and the fee payable include world rights (all languages) but cover only the specific one time use detailed in the Invoice/Application Form. Any and all reprints, further editions, re-use of the printing plates, or additional use of any kind must be preceded by a new application and is not covered by the original fee or permission to reproduce. Permissions cannot be granted in perpetuity. Maximum time period allowed is 5 years.


The paint area of a composition, or the area within the outline of a sculpture, may not be masked out, cut down, superimposed with type matter, or in any way defaced or altered. Reproductions that bleed are therefore only permitted in the case of “details”.

Application to reproduce a detail from an artwork will be considered only upon receipt of a sketch or marked-up photograph showing the area to be reproduced. Please send a proof to the attention of the Senior Manager of Photography, Multimedia, & Licensing by email collection-rights@cmoa.org or fax 412.622.3112.

Works to be reproduced in color require the submission of color proofs to the Senior Manager of Photography, Multimedia, & Licensing and the approval of the Museum before printing may proceed. The Museum reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse permission for further applications from a publisher or other applicant, if in its opinion, the standard of reproduction has not been of acceptable quality.

The minimum resolution of a digital file to print reproduction must be at least 300 dpi.

All final reproductions must be smaller than the original artwork(s) unless otherwise specified in writing by the Museum, prior to the reproduction.

Applications for permission to include artworks in filmstrips must be accompanied by samples of previous filmstrips produced by the applicant. The Museum reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to withhold permission if in its opinion, the standard of the production is not of acceptable quality.

One copy of each publication must be forwarded to the Senior Manager of Photography, Multimedia, & Licensing upon its completion. For online reproductions, please provide the URL and any password necessary.

Use of the Museum’s Photographic Materials

Applicants will be responsible for the deletion of digital files upon completion of the publication(s) for which permission has been obtained. Any unauthorized use thereof, for any reason, will render the applicant responsible and liable to the Museum for appropriate compensation and other costs, regardless of whether the applicant has profited from or is responsible for such unauthorized use.

Reproduction from photographic materials not supplied directly by the Museum is strictly prohibited. Color slides, negatives, transparencies and photographic prints may not be duplicated by outside companies or photographers without the prior written consent of the Museum, and not for commercial purposes.

The Museum does not supply photographic materials of works in its collection to companies or individuals operating a photograph rental and/or sales service. Applicants will be required to represent, as a precondition for permission to reproduce, that no such use will be made of any material obtained from the Museum. Digital images cannot be supplied on approval or sold outright. Where no image exists, photography can be made to order, subject to the Museum’s prior work schedule, and upon payment of a new photography fee. Transparencies and digital images remain the property of the Museum.

You may not use the Image(s) or the name of Carnegie Museum of Art in advertising without the explicit prior written permission of the Museum. Images shall not be used to show or imply that the Museum endorses any commercial product or enterprise, concurs with the opinions expressed in, or confirms the accuracy of any text used with the Image(s).

Reproduction Rights & Third Party Claims

The Museum will not grant an exclusive right to reproduce any Images(s) in its collections.

The Museum assumes no responsibility for claims against the applicant or the Museum by third parties. Applicants agree to indemnify the Museum and hold it harmless against any and all such claims and costs, including copyright infringement claims, arising out of applicant’s reproduction of the work(s) in question.

The Museum makes no warranties or representation and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any claims, royalties, or fees demanded by an artist, his agent, estate or by any other party in connection with the reproduction of artworks in the Museum’s collections. Additionally, the applicant agrees to indemnify the Museum and hold it harmless against any and all such claims, demands and/or actions, including the costs thereof, arising as a result of the applicant’s reproduction of the artworks in the Museum’s collections.

Credit Lines


Caption: artist, nationality, birth and death dates, title of work, date, medium, size, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, fund

Credit: The third party rights holder, if any, according to his/her instructions, and Photograph © 2013 Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

With the exception of reproductions used in advertising and films, an acknowledgement specified by the Museum must appear in immediate proximity to the reproduction or in the acknowledgements section of the publication. Abbreviations are not permitted. In the case of television or films, full ownership credit and acknowledgements as specified by the Museum must be included in the credits. For internet use, the caption and credit line must appear in immediate proximity of the Image, or in a “Sources of Illustrations” section.

If such placement proves to be impractical, please contact us at 412.622.5563 or collection-rights@cmoa.org

Website/Internet/CD ROM Reproduction

The Museum reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to place restrictions on the specific uses of an electronic image. (i.e., the public’s access to the image, the image resolution, whether or not the image may be downloaded, etc.) We require that the resolution of the Image(s) be 72 dpi if included on the internet, CD ROM, or DVD. Higher resolution Images(s) must be cleared by written permission of the Museum. Please contact us at 412.622.5563 or collection-rights@cmoa.org.


Permission to reproduce is conditioned upon payment of the fees involved prior to publication. Failure to pay the required fees means that permission has not been granted. Payment is due upon receipt of the relevant invoice and may not be deferred until publication. The paid invoice, together with the executed application, constitutes official permission for reproduction.