A young girl holds a paintbrush and leans over a colorful table

Art Activities

We have a wealth of educational resources for educators, homeschooling families, and caregivers who are looking to infuse some artistic play into free time at home. These imaginative and fun activities, paired with artworks from our collection, are intended for all ages as a creative way to engage with art.

An abstract woodcut on paper with a brightly colored background and seven horizontal lines cutting across the artwork.

Activity: Find Patterns Everywhere!

The world is full of beautiful patterns! Explore the patterns in our collection, find and re-create your favorites, and design one of your own in this art activity.

An abstract sculpture features three marble pillars with carved wooden branches extending from the tops of the pillars.

Activity: Create a Sculpture from Natural Materials Inspired by Thaddeus Mosley

Pittsburgh-based artist Thaddeus Mosley makes art with natural materials. Find inspiration in Mosley’s work, Georgia Gate, to make your own sculpture!

A miniature watercolor portrait of a young man drawing his initials on a tree trunk is painted on a circular piece of ivory with a silver gilt frame.

Activity: Make Your Own Miniature

Create your own miniature self-portrait to share with a friend or family member in this art activity.

Eight people from the 1800s–men, women, and children–crowd around a Post Office door. Off to the right and left of the door, men are standing on the steps reading while young children attempt to get their attention to sell them newspapers. 

Lesson: Report on a Scene

Use David Gilmour Blythe’s Post Office as inspiration for writing a journalistic report on this scene from the 1800s in this art lesson.

A twisted, tall glass vase with a small mouth.

Activity: Explore Form and Function with Vases

Take a digital tour of four vases in our collection and explore the concepts of form and function in this activity!