A young girl holds a paintbrush and leans over a colorful table

Art Activities

We have a wealth of educational resources for educators, homeschooling families, and caregivers who are looking to infuse some artistic play into free time at home. These imaginative and fun activities, paired with artworks from our collection, are intended for all ages as a creative way to engage with art.

One woman sits holding a banjo in her lap while another woman is seated behind her, looking over her shoulder and watching her play.

Activity: Thank Your Teachers

After looking closely at Cassatt’s artwork called The Banjo Lesson, take some time to write a thank-you to a person who has helped you learn something new.

A small furry creature sleeps in a dining room in front of a poster leaning against a wall. In the foreground you see a living room with a chair and rug and the first step of a staircase.

Activity: Explore Rachel Rose’s Lake Valley

Engage with this series of fun, family-friendly activities inspired by Rachel Rose’s dream-like video artwork Lake Valley.

A trading card from the 1950s features an illustration of a large, brightly colored lumber truck. The words “lumber truck,” “straddle type,” and “specialized vehicle” are printed on the card.

Activity: We Collect/You Collect

This art activity dives into our collection and your own personal collections—inspired by TOPPS Trading Cards. Make your own trading cards today!

Left: A tree with no leaves against a blank background. Right: The loose outline of a maple tree with leaves appears in front of a plain background

Activity: Out On A Limb

Compare two works depicting trees and see how different they are—then try your hand at your own creative interpretation of a tree in this art activity!

A black cat lies under a flowering camellia bush. 

Activity: Who is Your Cat Colleague? 

Are you working from home with a cat? Check out some of the feline friends in our collection for some cute Monday motivation and use them as inspiration to profile your own cat colleague for today’s art activity.