2023 Upcoming Exhibitions

Exhibition Forum Gallery

Lyndon Barrois Jr.: Rosette

Driven by his interest in the relationship between a thing and its representation, Pittsburgh-based artist Lyndon Barrois Jr. (b. 1983 in New Orleans, LA) will present an exhibition of new works using the visual language of Hollywood—film stills, posters, sets, and props—to explore the heist genre as well as the overlapping acts of art conservation and forgery.

Exhibition Heinz Galleries

Joan Brown

The first major survey of Joan Brown (American, 1938–1990) in over 20 years, this exhibition offers a compelling look at the prolific career of a painter who was known for her large-scale, high-key portraits of family, animals, and herself.

Exhibition Scaife Gallery 2

What brings us here?

Recognizing that a museum is a place to gather for art, conversations, ideas, and social interactions, this gallery will foreground works that invite visitors to explore how art shapes perceptions, memories, and understandings of a shared place.

Exhibition Heinz Architectural Center

Unsettling Matter, Gaining Ground

Drawing from the museum’s collection alongside a selection of new commissions and loans, Unsettling Matter, Gaining Ground reflects on modernity’s reliance on fossil fuels and the mechanisms of extraction.

Exhibition Forum Gallery

Amie Siegel

New York-based artist Amie Siegel (b. 1974 in Chicago, IL) will debut a new work that stems from her research into the collection of films that document the scientific expeditions sponsored by Carnegie Museum of Natural History from the 1920s through the 1970s as well as the preparation of the museum’s dioramas.

Exhibition Heinz Galleries

The Milton and Sheila Fine Collection

Promised to Carnegie Museum of Art in 2015, the Fines’ outstanding collection of contemporary painting, sculpture, photography, and drawing echoes their interest in American and German art from the 1980s to the 2000s. Their momentous gift, which has come to the museum in recent years, highlights significant contemporary artists who have shaped the art world.