Is It Morning For You Yet?58th Carnegie International

Malcolm Peacock

Malcolm Peacock holding in his hand I would have to fight for every single second, 2022, graphite on paper, 2 1⁄2 × 3 in., courtesy of the artist

Over the past few years, Malcolm Peacock has developed works experienced through one-on-one interactions between the artist and
participants, which are informed by the concept of slow choreography. He explains: “I think any movement can be done in tandem with or between two or more figures. When we think about choreography, we go to dance and to speed, velocity, or agility. I think about how we can slow down life to avoid harming ourselves… and to hype our perception and sensibilities.”

From this space of quiet, Peacock explores what we can cultivate, what we feel challenged by in a physical way, and what we can envision beyond what is physically perceived. For the 58th Carnegie International, Peacock assembles what he describes as a diverse group of Black Pittsburgh-based individuals for a work experienced by visitors one at a time. Taking place in an undisclosed location at Carnegie Museum of Art, presentations will mark significant dates in Black American history. In part inspired by a program that provides early entry for seniors, Peacock’s work similarly involves the museum offering space to convene for a specific demographic. In private sessions, group members will work through the concept of autonomy, particularly considering the fraught relationship between Black life and public space in the United States. Envisioned as a proposal, Peacock’s work asks if art museums can create the conditions for people to hold space inside a future public in which Black autonomy is uncontested.

The work is presented on September 24 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; November 12 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; January 28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and April 1 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The performance is held at an undisclosed location and runs for an undetermined length. In-person registration is required and available at the admission desk on the day of the performance. Registration does not guarantee entry. Registration is only available to participants 18 years of age and older.

About the artist:

Malcolm Peacock (b. 1994, Raleigh, NC; lives in New Orleans, LA) is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice examines emotional and psychic spaces of Black subjects, with a particular interest in the intricacies of intimacy. He received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, in 2016, and an MFA from Rutgers University in 2019. He has been a participant in residencies at the University of Pennsylvania, St. Roch Community Church, the Joan Mitchell Center, Denniston Hill, and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Select exhibitions include Prospect 5: Yesterday We Said Tomorrow, New Orleans; and Doing Language: Word Work, Institute of Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond.

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