Is It Morning For You Yet?58th Carnegie International


Hyphen— was co-initiated in 2011 by Ratna Mufida (b. 1979, Kediri), Pitra Hutomo (b. 1984, Jakarta), and Grace Samboh (b. 1984, Jakarta) as a sustainable space for conversation on aesthetic practices. Not long after, the space expanded through engagement in various artistic activities, including exhibition making, various forms of publishing, archiving, research, open-ended conversations, karaoke, barbecue nights, feasts, and more. Hyphen— aims to foreground curiosity and common well-being as the estuary of artistic practices. They were joined in 2020 by Akmalia Rizqita “Chita” (b. 1996, Jakarta) and Rachel K. Surijata (b. 1997, Jakarta).

Featuring: Affandi, Sriyani Hudyonoto, Kartika, Kustiyah, Siti Ruliyati, Rustamadji, Trubus Soedarsono, Gregorius Sidharta Soegijo, Sudarso, Edhi Sunarso, Zaini