Is It Morning For You Yet?58th Carnegie International


Hyphen— was co-initiated in 2011 by Ratna Mufida (b. 1979, Kediri), Pitra Hutomo (b. 1984, Jakarta), and Grace Samboh (b. 1984, Jakarta) as a sustainable space for conversation on aesthetic practices. Not long after, the space expanded through engagement in various artistic activities, including exhibition making, various forms of publishing, archiving, research, open-ended conversations, karaoke, barbecue nights, feasts, and more. Hyphen— aims to foreground curiosity and common well-being as the estuary of artistic practices. They were joined in 2020 by Akmalia Rizqita “Chita” (b. 1996, Jakarta) and Rachel K. Surijata (b. 1997, Jakarta).

The participation of Hyphen— in the 58th Carnegie International is funded in part by E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation.

Featuring: Sriyani Hudyonoto, Kartika, Kustiyah, Siti Ruliyati, Rustamadji, Gregorius Sidharta Soegijo, Sudarso, Edhi Sunarso, Sutopo, Zaini

a picture of paintings on a wall
Installation view of Hyphen—, As if there were no sun, Carnegie Museum of Art, featuring works by Kustiyah and Kartika, 2022; photo: Sean Eaton

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