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Doan Ket Dance Collective

Doan Ket Dance Collective, a Latin and North American women’s dance group, was formed in the spring of 1983 by Gloria Nazario of Puerto Rico and Hallie Wannamaker of the United States. Its name was taken from the title of a poem by Meridel LeSeuer, which speaks of unity, peace, cross-cultural exchange, and women—ideas that drove the purpose of the Collective. Its works addressed women’s minority and social issues primarily through modern dance but also theater, song, masks, voice, kung fu, Puerto Rican bomba dance, and traditional dance forms of Central America. In the summer of 1984, Doan Ket was invited by the Sandinista Association of Cultural Workers to make a cultural/solidarity brigade to Nicaragua, where they performed in hospitals, cultural centers, and daycare centers around Managua and taught at the National School of Dance. The Collective performed at numerous locations in New York, including El Taller Latino Americano, The Dome Project for Youth, Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, Project Double Discovery (Columbia University), Goddard Riverside Community Center, Harlem YMCA, ACT Program for Families, Children, and Youth (Cathedral of St. John the Divine), Basic Skills Academy of P.S. 54, and CUANDO.

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