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Angel Velasco Shaw

Angel Velasco Shaw (b. 1963, Los Angeles; lives between New York, NY and Manila) is a media artist, educator, curator, and cultural organizer. She has exhibited widely and her experimental documentaries—including Inherited Memories, When Absence Becomes Presence, Motherload, The Momentary Enemy, Umbilical Cord, Asian Boys, Nailed, and Balikbayan/Return to Home—have been shown in film festivals and institutional presentations internationally. Among the exhibitions and screening programs she has curated are Not Visual Noise, Ateneo Art Gallery, Manila; Provocations: Philippine Documentary Photography (with Neal Oshima), Art Fair Philippines; The Inverted Telescope, Philippine Women’s University; and Markets of Resistance, Institute for Heritage, Culture and the Arts (IHCA), Philippine Women’s University. She has developed multidisciplinary cross-cultural exchange projects at venues such as the Guggenheim Museum, New York University, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Orange Gallery, Galeria Duemila, and Art Fair Philippines. Velasco Shaw is currently teaching in the American Studies Program at Princeton University and previously served as associate professor in the Communication Arts Department at the School of Arts and Sciences, Philippine Women’s University, where she was also the founding director of the IHCA. She coedited (with Luis H. Francia) Vestiges of War: The Philippine-American War and the Aftermath of an Imperial Dream: 1899–1999 (2002).

a postcard with a dog
Angel Velasco Shaw, 2014, printed postcard, courtesy of the artist

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