The facade of a large building, covered in textured materials and mirrors that reflect the sky.

Social Programs, Third Thursday Carnegie Museum of Art

Third Thursday: Museum Joy

Capture "museum joy" one last time with Carnegie International artist Beverly Semmes's exclusive fashion experience with Jennifer Minniti and a headline performance by MHYSA & SCRAAATCH.

Classes CMOA Theater

Crash Course: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque - Morning

From the fall of the Roman Empire to the rise of the Baroque period and every cultural shift in between, this course traces the major trends in art history from 1000 to the late 1800s.

Carnegie International

Carnegie International After Hours

See the Carnegie International one last time with half off admission!

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From the Collection

Our collection features a broad spectrum of visual art. Over 79,000 objects are available online with more than 13,000 of those works currently on view in the galleries alongside other museum exhibitions.

Brightly colored Impressionist painting depicting a grove of trees with a person sitting on a bench

Teenie Harris Archive

Nearly 80,000 images comprise one of the most detailed and intimate records of the black urban experience known today.

Charles “Teenie” Harris standing on sidewalk holding his camera
Detail of Vincent van Gogh’s painting Wheat Fields after the Rain (The Plain of Auvers)

Custom Prints from the Museum Collection

Curate your own gallery with custom prints from the museum collection. Each print is made to order according to the specifications you choose.

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