Arthur Lubetz/Front Studio, 1967- present/2001-present, Glass Lofts, Pittsburgh, PA, 2007-10. Photo: Ed Massery, 2011.

Action, Ideas, Architecture: Arthur Lubetz/Front Studio

The Heinz Architectural Center

With bold colors, distinctive geometries, and unconventional approaches to designing spaces, the architecture of Arthur Lubetz imagines and transforms buildings in surprising ways. Discover the work of Lubetz’s fifty-year old architectural practice, which operates today as Front Studio in Pittsburgh and New York. From the vibrant, tilted façade of The Glass Lofts residences to the sliced and stacked boxes of the Sharpsburg Community Library, these are structures born of provocative ideas about how design can energize our built environment.

Though these and other buildings designed by Lubetz and Front Studio range in scale and purpose, they all explore the sensory experience of architecture and its effects on the human body. Frequently, his buildings represent physical forces that can be described in action words, such as cutting, splitting, slicing, and peeling.

The exhibition features an architect-designed intervention together with models, drawings, and photography on loan from the Carnegie Mellon University Architecture Archives, Front Studio, and other lenders.

Based on an initial proposal from CMU Architecture Archives, Action, Ideas, Architecture: Arthur Lubetz/Front Studio is curated by Charles L. Rosenblum.

Exhibition Images

Arthur Lubetz/Front Studio, 1967-present/2001-present, <cite>Sharpsburg Library,</cite> Sharpsburg, PA, 2012-14. Photo: Ed Massery, 2015

Arthur Lubetz, 1967-present, <cite>Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Squirrel Hill,</cite> Pittsburgh, PA, 2002-2005, Photo: Ed Massery, 2006

Arthur Lubetz, 1967-present, <cite>Ellsworth Center II</cite>, Pittsburgh, PA, 1999-2000, Photo: Ed Massery, 2010