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College students looking at a sculpture

Free, daily drop-in tours are available with museum admission. Learn about the works in CMOA’s collection from our trained docents. Every tour is unique!

A girl makes a clay sculpture in a museum art class

10:15 am–12:15 pm. They have potential. They have ideas. We provide the instruction, the inspiration, and the space to create. Pittsburgh’s premiere art program for young people, The Art Connection, mashes up art appreciation with in-depth studio instruction, connecting young artists with other creative thinkers. It provides access to a world-class art collection and professional-level supplies. Learn drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, and digital tools, culminating with an exhibition at Carnegie Museum of Art.

A man sits in front of a case of taxidermy birds drawing on a clipboard

Wite-Out and red pens in hand, mark up, scribble, and ornament the document!

Artist Andrea Polli and images of her environmental sustainability projects

How can data visualization and public art become a motivating force in environmental conversations? Part of artist Andrea Polli's Hack the Grid project.

Two Women Viewing Art in Carnegie Museum of Art Galleries

Chat with artist Andrea Polli about how observing, analyzing, and visualizing data can bring an artist’s eye to issues of conservation and the environment.

Woman doing yoga pose, standing on one leg in an art gallery

Museums are places for renewal, celebrating the great accomplishments of fellow humans. Join a crew of fellow humans for a weekly, rejuvenating yoga session set in Pittsburgh’s most beautiful spaces!

Young kids enjoy making crafts

Develop an Origin Story: use the art in the CMOA galleries to envision a character and his or her world.

A girl makes a clay sculpture in a museum art class

Push, pull, and squish clay into anything you can imagine—from a bowl you can actually use to sculpted figures of your pet, or an imaginative creature of your own design!

Kids at a table making art

Create characters, settings, and adventures sparked by the people and places you see in the galleries.

Artist Andrea Polli and images of her environmental sustainability projects

Learn how teams of experts leverage the Cloud Factory for ideas about data visualization and the environment. Part of Hack the Grid with Artist Andrea Polli.

Around 100 people doing yoga on mats in a large marble hall with columns

Relax. Move. Stretch. Dance. Meditate. Renew. Get a massage.
Recharge with a full morning focusing on movement and mediation with CMOA and a host of community partners in wellness!

Rohan Gunatillake leaning on a table in front of a chalkboard

Explore the concept of mindfulness and how this niche spiritual practice grew into a global well-being trend. Join mindfulness author and expert Rohan Gunatillake and UPMC oncologist Dr. Lanie Francis for discussions around the role of this practice in both mental and physical health.

Dress of translucent jagged plastic spikes against a geometric silhouette

Hear from Iris van Herpen collaborator Philip Beesley, an artist and architect. In this talk, he shares his innovative approach to architecture, interactive systems, responsive design, and his thoughts behind collaborative couture.

Two people trace shapes projected onto a large sheet of paper

Join Pittsburgh-based fashion designer Tereneh Mosley and architect Philp Beesley for an extraordinary afternoon devoted to expanding the creative mind through drawing.

Teachers Working in a Museum Gallery

This workshop focuses on creative writing inspired by the CMOA collection. Get ideas for your own classroom as museum educators accompanied by a local writer guide you through exercises that ignite students’ creativity.

Nexus What is Authority Header Image

Join us for an evening of devastating insights and ironic affirmations with Avital Ronell, considered "one of the most original, bold and surprising" thinkers "in the contemporary academy." Followed by a Q&A with life-long colleague and collaborator, Christopher Fynsk.

Courtesy High Museum of Art, Atlanta. Photo by Mike Jensen.

CMOA celebrates the opening of Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion with one night of brilliance.