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Silver to Steel: The Modern Designs of Peter Muller-Munk

Book jacket with silverware and enamel cookwareAccompanying the first monographic museum exhibition of his life and work, this catalogue situates Peter Muller-Munk (1904–1967), a German-American émigré, as one of the most influential designers of his generation. It presents the untold story of his meteoric rise as a silversmith of luxury objects in New York, to a professorship in the first industrial design baccalaureate program in America at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, to his establishment of a prominent American design consultancy: Peter Muller-Munk Associates (PMMA).

This generously illustrated book begins with Muller-Munk’s family, background, and education in Berlin, and his immigration in 1926. It follows his career as a studio silversmith of modernist works and traces his transition from craft to industry, providing a context for his iconic industrial designs of the 1930s: the streamlined Normandie pitcher and the skyscraper-inspired Waring Blendor. The narrative continues with the revelation of his post–World War II works: products such as cameras, radios, power tools, and refrigerators, as well as total environments for gas stations, international expositions, and mass-transit vehicles, for prestigious clients that included Bell & Howell, Westinghouse, US Steel, Texaco, and Schick.

The compelling story of Muller-Munk’s life, and impressive legacy, is enlarged with colorful case studies of his firm’s contributions to wide-ranging aspects of midcentury life and culture.

By Rachel Delphia and Jewel Stern, with Catherine Walworth.

Hardcover; 9 x 11 inches; 208 pages with 171 illustrations; available from the CMOA Store and DelMonico Books; ISBN 978-3-7913-5463-7

Shannon Ebner: Auto Body Collision

auto-body-collision2Using photography as a language, Shannon Ebner (born 1971) examines the signs, symbols, letters, words and graphical icons we encounter in the world. Auto Body Collision documents Ebner’s most recent ongoing project, a multipart series of photographs that began on a trip to Italy in 2014. Ebner has been collecting language taken from signs, seeking out repetitions of terms such as “Auto Body Collision” and “Automotive.” In dissecting found language and coupling it with her own, Ebner establishes connections between the terms “auto,” “body,” “motive” and “collision.” The themes of Ebner’s new work include the circulatory and the network, performance and its relationship to the body, and collision, in terms both literal and conceptual.

Auto Body Collision, designed in collaboration with the artist, includes more than 150 never-before-published photographs, as well as essays by Alex Klein, Tina Kukielski, and Mark Owens.

This publication is a commission of Orphaned Images, a project within Carnegie Museum of Art’s Hillman Photography Initiative, curated by Tina Kukielski and Alex Klein.

Softcover; 272 pages; 176 color and black-and-white illustrations; available September 2016 from the CMOA Store and Distributed Art Publishers; ISBN 978-0-88039-057-6

Storyteller: The Photographs of Duane Michals

A self-taught photographer, Duane Michals broke away from established traditions of the medium during the 1960s. His messages and poems inscribed on the photographs, and his visual stories created through multiple images, defied the principles of the reigning practitioners of the form. Indeed, Michals considers himself as much a storyteller as a photographer. Accompanying a major traveling retrospective of his work, this book features Michals’s best-known early sequences, The Spirit Leaves the Body, Paradise Regained, and Chance Meeting—as well as works from later in his career such as The Bewitched Bee and Who is Sidney Sherman? Penetrating essays situate Michals within the history of 20th-century photography, explore the artist’s images of sexual identity and sensuality, examine his legacy today, and address the childlike aspects of his work—a theme that has never been widely examined. An annotated timeline of Michals’s biography includes rare archival materials and provides a unique glimpse into his life. Wide-ranging and timely, this volume offers a fresh appraisal of a popular artist who continues to create moving and experimental works that speak to a broad and evergrowing audience.

This volume of more than 75 original works will thrill Duane Michals aficionados, while introducing younger viewers to an innovative artist who redefined the role of the photograph in artistic expression.

Accompanying a retrospective of the pioneering photographer at Carnegie Museum of Art, November 2014–February 2015, and Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts, March–June 2015.

Named by TIME Magazine and The Daily Beast as one of the top coffee table books of 2014!

Softcover and hardcover; 240 pages with 285 illustrations; Available from the CMOA Design Store and DelMonico Books; ISBN 978-3-7913-5370-8 (hardcover), 978-3-7913-6542-8 (softcover)

Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium

Hélio Oiticica (1937–1980) created art that reawakens us to our bodies, our senses, our feelings about being in the world. Accompanying the first full U.S. retrospective of the Brazilian artist in over two decades, this volume captures the excitement, complexity, and performative nature of Oiticica’s art. It includes his early paintings, participatory sculptures, architectural installations, writings, films, and immersive slide environments. Insightful essays by U.S. and Latin American writers cover the entirety of his career, with special emphasis on his little-known New York period, between 1970 and 1978. Thoroughly exploring Oiticica’s most acclaimed works, such as the Parangolés and his groundbreaking installation Tropicália, this book also examines his involvement with music and literature, and his response to politics and the social environment in Brazil. From his immersion in 1960s counterculture to his life in New York City and final return to Rio de Janeiro, this catalogue charts the development of an utterly original talent whose work is both provocative and enduring.

Accompanies an exhibition co-organized by Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh (October 1, 2016–January 2, 2017); The Art Institute of Chicago (February 19–May 7, 2017); and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (July 14–October 1, 2017). Exhibition organized by Lynn Zelevansky, Elisabeth Sussman, James Rondeau, and Donna De Salvo, with Anna Katherine Brodbeck. Contributions by Martha Scott Burton, Frederico Coelho, Max Hinderer Cruz, Sérgio B. Martins, Adele Nelson, Irene Small, and Guilherme Wisnik

Hardcover and softcover; 320 pages; 310 color illustrations; Available October 2016 from the CMOA Store and DelMonico Books/Prestel; ISBN 978-3-7913-6659-3 (hardcover); ISBN 978-3-7913-6660-9 (softcover)